The One Creative Principle That Will Set You & Your Work Apart From All Else

One rule to rule them all.

Kultar Singh Ruprai


It’s pretty simple and can be applied to whatever project you’re working on, whatever industry you’re in and generally just about anything.

“It’s not what you do, but how you do it that makes all the difference…”

In today’s digital age, most of what you come across day-to-day looks and function’s the same. Yet, applying this principle will install a mentality to help you think differently. Think outside the box.

It forces you to go back to this level of thinking where ‘nothing is original’. So you look to other ways to innovate; rather than looking at the who, what and where’s of the situation you emphasise more on why and how’s.

Let me give an example:

Social media has existed for many decades and in the 2000’s it was all about Myspace (I can imagine half the younger readers cringing saying ‘my what?’). Myspace gave users a platform to personalise their own pages, connect with others and leave messages on walls…. sound familiar right?

Along came Facebook, which at the time did pretty much exactly the same, but it was how they did it that changed the game. From there they innovated and evolved.

Myspace vs Facebook circa mid 2000's

Same goes for MP3 and Minidisc players. Not too long after came the iPod and boom it was all about them white headphones.

Same example for Nokia / Blackberry and the iPhone.

You get the idea.

Every once in a while something will emerge that disrupts the cadence of things by offering more value in a new and fresh way.

These ‘game changers’ often tend to go back to the core problem and ask ‘why’. By identifying the ‘why’ they can tackle the ‘how’ in a way that is a better suited.

Now I’m no big shot designer, but I’ve used this principle throughout my career and I know that whatever project I‘ve been involved in, that I have made a difference.

Bare it mind and give it a go.

This article is part 1 of a series design related articles looking into design related principles, theories and UX relationships.

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